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This guided journal is meant to cultivate a living practice which will lead to insights and facilitate change - or rather growth - which naturally takes place as you develop more self-awareness. Through daily meditation (which I call the ‘furnace of change’) and through a series of guided introspective journaling and actions, you will become more heart centered. Change will naturally take place, and you will become more and more clear on your heart’s true desires as well as your purpose. Then and only then do we embark on manifestation - creating the life you envision from the purest field of your heart rather than your unchecked mind. 


All this insight was spoken in poetry and volumes of works over 745 years ago by a Sufi mystic which is what this guided journal is draped i… the timeless works of The Mevlana, Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī…better known in the West as Rumi.

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November  22nd 2018.   

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